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Detect and alert common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) in 3rd-party dependencies

2022-08-03 4 min read martin
Using 3rd-party libraries makes developer’s lives so much easier but can turn them into a nightmare when they are unmanaged and we don’t have a good understanding what is being used in a project or even a larger organization. A few months ago we have seen quite a few popular frameworks widely used in many software products being hit by severe CVE (common vulnerabilities and exposures). Continue reading

Hashicorp Nomad service discovery

2022-07-25 5 min read martin
With the recently released Nomad 1.3 a service registry backed by Nomad was added. This is making building complex services dependent on others really easy. Earlier we typically would have added Hashicorp Consul as service registry. In a production environment that would have meant to a add a Consul cluster running along with the Nomad cluster. Continue reading

Introduction to Hashicorp Nomad

2022-07-20 9 min read martin
In the past 2 years I successfully architected and developed a new product for a customer and brought it to production. This product uses Hashicorp’s job scheduler Nomad for managing workload. Nomad is an excellent alternative to Kubernetes. It is known for its simplicity in regard to usage and maintainability and allows to schedule containerized and non-containerized applications. Continue reading

TDD for infrastructure with ignite + firecracker

2020-10-01 4 min read martin
This is the last post in the series of posts about TDD for infrastructure. If you wanted to follow along I recommend first reading TDD for infrastructure with Vagrant and then TDD for infrastructure with footloose. In the previous post TDD for infrastructure with footloose I explored weaveworks' footloose to start containers that look like virtual machines. Continue reading

TDD for infrastructure with footloose

2020-09-01 6 min read martin
In the previous post TDD for infrastructure with Vagrant I explored Vagrant, VirtualBox and Chef Inspec for implementing a simple workflow for test driven development of infrastructure code. I showed that using virtual machines as target machines for testing is just not fast enough and probably hard to run in a build environment. Continue reading

TDD for infrastructure with Vagrant

2020-08-01 6 min read martin
Introduction For many years (almost decades) developers have been practicing test driven development and write tests to get confidence that their code works. However, with the rise of infrastructure as code where DevOps engineers try to describe infrastructure provisioning using code, this is something that is not observed generally. Continue reading
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