Sun Keynote (Danny Coward – Sun Microsystems Inc.) I’m a kind of sad that Sun has agreed on a very conservative set of language extensions. Java7 will definitely have no closures. they will be adding stronger type inference, multi exception handling, strings in switch statement, the elvis operator for dealing with null (project Coin).

Besides Java7 will have NIO2, modularity (JSR 294, Project Jigsaw) with dependency and version descriptor.

I will try to start working with the Preview as soon as possible.

Web Services and Transactions (Jonathan Halliday – JBoss, A Division of Red Hat) This was a talk about WS-Atomic Transactions and WS-Business Activities. I was kind of new to the standardized concept of the compensation model which provides a good alternative when no ACID transactions are possible.

Enterprise Application with OSGi and the SpringSource dm Server (Eberhard Wolff - SpringSource, Sam Brannen – Brannen Software Consulting)

A talk that I haven’t heard for a while, so I gave it a try. I have done some OSGi evaluation a almost 1 year ago. Back then I had learned that the tooling integration was just bad. SpringSource Tool Suite has been now turned into a freely available tool. So that is good news - it is a first class tool for doing Spring/OSGi development on the server.

Metro Web Services Security Usage Scenarios (Harold Carr – Sun Microsystems, Inc, Jiandong Guo – Sun Microsystems, Inc)

I hadn’t done cryptography for a while, was tough stuff. But interesting to see and feel the stuff that Metro provides aout of the box. I definitely need to check out the IDE for configuring Metro.

SLF4J and logback projects (Ceki Gülcü – QOS.CH)

We haven’t heard of any major developments from the log4j project. The reason, Ceki started the logback project back in 2005 and is now the unofficial successor of log4j. I particularly like the sifting logger and the ability to have multiple VMs (cluster) write to a single logging output file.

JavaFX Rich Internet Applications connected to GlassFish Java EE 5 services (Ludovic Champenois – Sun Microsystems)

Jazoon Rookie

Jazoon party

YES it got late yesterday. I found it cool to get into duscussions with people like Emmanuel Bernard, Mike Keith, Ed Burns and drink lots of beer! For this reason my day #2 report is not as finished as I would like to see it.