This is a short report from this years Jazoon day #1:

Sun Opening Keynote (James Gosling)

Finally I managed to hear the famous creator of the Java Language. I had hoped to hear some visionary statements but at the end it was more or less just an “outlook” at the past of Java and where you would find Java these days.

Google Web Toolkit:

As I’m currently trying to start working with other Web frameworks (besides JSF) this was a nice intro to GWT and especially how it is integrated into the build process and how it can be extended.

Integrating the JBOSS Seam Framework with the GWT toolkit

A speech that could have been more interesting. But anyway a discussion of some problems/solutions!

GlassFish v3

Finally nice to see an application server that is not just built based on OSGi but also offers injection of OSGi sevices using @Resource without tying yourself to OSGi. They also have nice developer features like directory deployment etc. for shortening development roundtrip (no deployment required, just edit/fix then run).

Next Generation Enterprise Builds: Maven, Mercury, and Tycho (Jason van Zyl – Sonatype)

Lot’s of cool stuff coming here with (Maven 3.0). Mixin will allow kind of importing fragments from other POM. m2eclipse will be much better integrated with JDT (utilize JDT incremental compiler, strip off much of the build activities that JDT is doing anyway) resulting in much better build performance. Maven will be built on top of OSGi as their plugin mechanism. YES they finally kick out Plexus! Internally they will use Guice for DI and Peaberry for running on OSGi. Changes to JDT project preferences will be directly reflected into the POM and vice versa.

Smithying in the 21st Century (Neal Ford – ThoughtWorks, Inc.)

I really love this guy. This is the second keynote from Neil Ford I have heard now. The talk was about evolution of software development, about how languages influence (restrict) ourr thougth and thus block creativity. It was also about what we might see in the future it seems to be lot of robotics and machines in our daily life. “Talk to my hand” - you understand if you have attended this speech ;)