TSS has chosen Prague as the location for the European Java Symposium. It will be from June 18th through June 20th. This happens to be just the days before a weekend.I have never been in this city so this is a good chance to brush up on some Java knowledge and then chill out there for the weekend.

The agenda shows many highly interesting topics such as

  • Monitoring, Management and Troubleshooting in the Java SE 6 Platform
  • How JavaServer Faces can be Used Effectively on Large-Scale Projects
  • Choosing a Synchronization Model for Multithreaded Applications
  • Java Performance Tooling
  • Concurrency & High Performance
  • What’s New and Exciting in JPA 2.0
  • etc, etc.

You see I have chosen many topics regarding concurrency and performance for good reasons. It’s just ignored by many projects!

Cu there!