In the past NetBeans has been doing a good job in terms of catching up with the feature rich-ness of the eclipse platform. Currently I feel the eclipse platform does not offer enough support for plain JavaSE and Swing based rich client development, though there is excellent support for eclipse RCP stuff.

Previous releases of NetBeans have drawn attention through their GUI Builder Mantisse, the upcoming release of NetBeans IDE 6.0 will now extend this offering to rich client developers by adding more features:

  • Swing Database Applications (JSR 295)
  • Swing Application Framework (JSR 296)

Being a Java developer with focus on web applicationd development I felt that I also should try to keep any eye on rich clients as this topic is drawing more and more attention (it’s not all about AJAX).

So I will give it a try and checkout some of the features of NetBeans 6.0. In case that the included versions of the JSR 295 and JSR 296 implementations should proof usable I consider migrating my richclient demo application from spring-rcp (a project that does not seem to be very active in the past 6 months).