Tonight I have successfully migrated my JSF 1.1 / Trinidad 1.0.1 based application to JSF 1.2_04 / Trinidad 1.2.1. I had only a minor problem with a type cast. that resulted from JSF 1.2 now utilizing Java5 generics. Finally JavaEE 5 starts adopting Java5 language features:)

As JSF 1.2 is based on the new Servlet 2.5 and JSP 2.1 spec I deployed to a Tomcat 6.0.13 installation where I previously had a 5.5.23 installation.

Overall I’m impressed how easy this was. Of course I need to run all my test suite to judge quality but I’m confident.

So now I can start with some of the new JSF features and especially the JSP features like unified EL. Finally I can utilize deferred EL expressions in JSP and thus tag file can implement simple JSF components as well without requiring all the heavy lifting for creating some full-blown JSF component.