A few days ago I received a book that I have been wating for a while:

JavaServer Faces. The Complete Reference”. It is covering both JSF 1.1 and JSF 1.2 and plenty of advanced techniques for getting the most out of JSF! After going over a few pages I soon got the impression that the book was a good choice. Many of the Tips regarding JSF 1.2 should help me to switch to JSF 1.2 as soon as possible.

Just an example: With JSF <= 1.1 there is always the issue with initializing managed beans especially reading data from some data source. You can’t do it in an accessor method (aka. getter method) as the JSF life-cycle does not guarantee that the method is only called once (actually it can be called multiple times in different phases of the life cycle). In this special situation with reading data from a data source you would hit the database multiple times and thus stress the database. So you always had to find ways to avoid this situation. There are some solutions out that can help with this issue.

With JSF 1.2 this has been adressed by adding the beforePhase and the afterPhase attributes to the f:view tag.